Many Useful Features

Seasoned travelers, geocache hunters, metal detectorists, or a hobbyist looking to discover new horizons. Adventure Cache offers a wide variety of features which continue to be expanded with new and exciting options.

  • Geocaching

    Create and/or discover Caches anywhere in the world! Uncover hidden treasures, leave messages for other cache hunters, or start hiding some caches of your own today! Check out some in our shop!

  • Items

    Objects created by the user are recorded as Items. What you add is up to you! Add a category to your item, attach images, record its location, and more. Quick, easy and flexible journaling!

  • Mapping

    See all public Caches, Items, and Adventures overlaid on a Maps. Select walking or driving instructions to the next Cache you want to log or mark where you found your last Item. Many mapping options to explore!

  • User Privacy

    All privacy is controlled by you the user! Discover all the public records logged by others or utilize the apps features to create your own private items & caches.

  • Adventures

    Adventures are a creative way of grouping item and cache records. Utilize this detailed feature to plan out a route to take and points of interest to visit.

  • Comments & Logs

    Comment on any public item, cache, or adventure created in the app. Share opinions or just leave a compliment for the creator. Cache logs also allow for additional user comments!

Weather & Navigation

Get up to date weather information, walking/driving directions, and utilize our customized mapping popups to narrow down where you need to get to.

Metal Detectorist

Adventure Cache offers special Equipment Profiles and expanded Item features that specifically cater to those interested in Metal Detecting. Log machine details and track your usage back to the Items you create in the app.

iOS & Android Support

Fully cross platform with support for Android and iOS. Our dedicated support team tests on both platforms to assure a smooth experience no matter what type of device the user has.

Mapping Features

Use the map to discover cache locations nearby or scan for hidden ones! Navigate using GPS-enabled walking/driving directions to any point you choose. Quick options enable items, caches, and notes to be created directly from the map.

Easy to Use

Dropdown options to display any records entered by the user or select publicly shared caches. Quickly access items for editing or direct navigation.

Items & Caches

Create both Items and Caches directly from the map by simply placing a pin. With one tap you’re able to record your previously hidden geocaches or item collections.

Map Options

View the map in Satellite, Hybrid, or Street views. Pin clustering, custom pin colors, and many more options available from the View popup.

User Options

Everything the user can create can be found quickly from the Options popup, available directly from the Home tab. Additional features available also accessible, including Quick Items, Notes, and the the in-app puzzle game Color Clache.

Adventure, Item, Cache

The main three thing the user creates in the application. Add them either from the Map itself or from the Options page. Each one allowing up to two photos to be attached.

Category & Notes

Custom Categories and Subcategories expand how a user can sort anything they create in the app. Notes can be created and linked directly to any adventure, cache, or item. Or just use Notes as a way to log simple text and/or an image.

Quick Items

“Quick” features allow for automated ways to create things in the app. Item information is automatically populated for the user based off preferences the user sets. The only thing needed is a newly created picture or image upload. Useful for fast data entry and simplifying the ability to add new Items.

Color Clache (Puzzle)

A simple puzzle game useful as a daily challenge for the user. New games are randomly generated with millions of possibilities meaning users are always assured a new challenge. Play once or see if you can beat your high score. Leaderboards are accessible from the Color Clache badge page.

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Get In Touch

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